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Senior NHS midwife & co-founder of Better Births London

Leila was a community team leader in a busy London NHS hospital - she led a highly successful continuity of carer team, but recently resigned to put all her energy into Better Births London. Over her ten years in the profession, she has worked within all maternity settings - from delivering babies on the high risk labour ward, to managing the workload on the postnatal ward, to caring for women in the low risk birth centre. She currently keeps up her clinical skills by working as a bank midwife whenever the unit requires. Leila's passion is caseloading women, seeing them through their pregnancy, labour, and delivery. She especially enjoys providing women with breastfeeding support in the postnatal period - as we all know it's a lot tougher than we think, and no matter how many books you read, or how many women you speak to, you never truly 'get it' until your baby is in your arms ... screaming! Leila's biggest professional achievement was attending the birth of Katie's children! 2 moments in her life that she will never forget and always cherish!


Senior NHS midwife & co-founder of Better  Births London

Katie started her midwifery journey in 2010. She worked as a community midwife for many years prior to taking her maternity leave in 2019 and returning to a senior midwifery role in change management. Following a second maternity leave she is now the Maternal Medicine Specialist midwife at a busy London Hospital. Coming from a Sociology background, Katie is particularly passionate about how the experience of childbirth impacts women, both physically and emotionally - and believes that with the right preparation, you are more likely to look back positively on your birth experience. Having recently achieved the birth of her dreams for the second time, she is a huge advocate of hypnobirthing. Ask her anything, and she'll gladly share the reality of her experience of labour and birth!

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